Racism Is Not Only Unjust, It Is Morally Wrong Essay

1170 Words Dec 15th, 2014 5 Pages
Social Issues Research Paper All around the world, people are faced with situations where they end up judging a person simply based on a minor characteristic. One of these characteristics being the color of their skin. Racism is a worldwide issue and probably would not be exterminated any time soon. Recently, some very controversial issues have materialized in the news. A black soccer player in Russia got suspended simply because he responded to the opposing team’s fans’ racial chants towards him by showing a sign of disrespect towards them. This is just one of the two issues which are going to get addressed in this essay. The issue of racism is not only unjust, it is morally wrong. In the case of Guelor Kanga who was the soccer player in the Russian team, FC Rostov, the Russian Football Union placed a ban of three games alongside a fine of 50,000 rubles which is equivalent to approximately $1000 on the soccer player because of his actions which were regarded as disrespectful towards the opposing team’s fans (huffington post). This topic is quite controversial because although the player broke a rule, he was pretty justified in his actions because although not the best route, he was reacting in return to the racist chants the opposing team’s fans racist chants towards him which ranged from racial slurs to monkey noises (huffington post). Although the other team was also charged 70,000 rubles for their fans’ inappropriate behavior, one can easily see the controversy in the…

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