Racism Is Not A Person Essay

1219 Words May 17th, 2015 null Page
In a nation that was built by slaves with their blood, sweat, and tears for about two hundred forty-five years, it is hard to detect the demolishing of racism in America 's future. America has a rich history of people of European descent being immoral and unethical towards minorities through many forms. The people of European descent continued the “Us vs. Them” idea and kept their superiority by placing laws that separated themselves from the minorities and provided certain privileges to white Americans. Although our founding fathers and ancestors did not have the brain of cavemen, they did not have half of the knowledge or the technology that we have now have in America, but yet racism is still apparent and growing here. Since racism is not a person, it is a learned behavior and belief, it is only growing with the increasing exposure provided by the internet and popular media.

Living in a generation where all the information about the world is a search engine or app away, we are exposed to things that we probably would have never known without the wonderful internet. We are able to connect with our long lost relatives or an old friend, all while having the opportunity to interact with others like and unlike ourselves. But such easy, causal connection in the cyber world can also have a downside. One would think with the advancement of technology that knowledge is increasing, but that does not indicate ignorance is not. Tony Manfred stated in his Business Insider…

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