Racism Is A Problem That American Essay

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Racism is a problem that American has faced since the beginning in the 1700s and continued but with a gradual osculating decline from the physical, violent attacks, public shaming, and lynching. This decline led to raise of different and new ways to embody with more anonymous shaming, passive and micro-aggression, and new stereotypes. As means and manner of racism have changed so the intentions and purpose. Racism is different by culture and generation as some use it as a stereotypical joke, while others use it to put others down and assert their racial dominance. Racism within a minority group is accepted as it is a part of their culture and may be a way to find peace with it, but the problem is when another minority or a majority puts racism into their hands without the reality of sensitive and danger of it. The cause of racism as its root has not been found but, can be seen in parallel with the abundance of ignorance.
The ignorance is full of ‘color-blindness’ which doesn’t help anyone because ignoring the fact that everyone is different isn’t going to solve the issue but embracing the individual and uniqueness of each person including their culture will help everyone and those who fought for this equality and civil rights in America such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day on the third Monday of January and Cesar Chavez Day on March 31. It can also be used in the fact that they just ignore that words do hold power behind them and can raise tensions or ignoring the fact that…

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