The Theme Of Racism In The Eyes Were Watching God By Zora Hurston

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One things that continuously goes on around in the world is racism. Racism is the belief that all of one race has things they can or can’t do and can also bring one race higher than the other. Everyone knows how it has affected our country. Zora was one to put that fact behind her, and did what she wanted, or what she has to bring out into this world.
Zora Neale Hurston, who was born in 1891 on January 6th, was educated in public schools until going to a university, worked at several other jobs before becoming a published author and has won many awards for her writing, including, Anisfield-wolf Book Award, Charles mac author award, and the Guggenheim fellowship award. The most famous book she wrote the eyes were watching god. This is the book
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Zora Hurston was born in Notasulga, Alabama. This is where her father originally grew up as well as her grandfather. At the age of three is when her and her family had moved to Eatonville , Florida; this is one of the first all African American towns where Zora really felt at home. In fact her father was elected mayor in 1897 and he also was a preacher at Macedonia missionary baptist. Zora felt she could have independence of white society here. While in school some northern teacher had brought in a bunch of book, which gave her an interest in learning more about literature. As for Zora going to high school, she didn’t get that opportunity. Zora want to Morgan state University to get her diploma. Zora wasn 't making much money and tried to get it for free. Zora actually lied about her age and told them she was sixteen. Zora graduated with it in …show more content…
They were bound to need somebody like him. Janie looked at him and was proud of what she saw… Strange trains, and people and places didn’t scare him neither(Hurston 36)”.
This is about a girl named Pheoby soon mayor of the town just like Zora father did when coming into Eastonville. As for Zora mother her name was Lucy Potts Hurston. Lucy was a school teacher and died when Zora was at the age of eleven . Soon after her death is when Zora father remarried and it was so quickly after her death that people assumed he was messing around with her before she passed away. Zora stepmother sent her away to a baptist boarding school they soon stopped paying for her tuitions and she was expelled. Zora only career was not just publishing book of short story’s. Zora was a maid after being expelled from school. Zora was then a folklorist. Later on she became an Anthropologist, she went to Howard University, Barnard college, and Columbia University for this degree. Zora was later on getting into books became a novelist and also a freelance writer for the newspaper and magazines. Zora worked as a librarian at the Library of congress. These all lead up to her Short Story writing which she wrote over fifty short stories, plays, and

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