Racism In William Collins's Sounder By William Armstrong

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The book Sounder written by William Armstrong was first published in 1969 by Harper Collins. This true story revolves around an African - American family dealing with the hardships in their life. It concentrates particularly on the eldest son, ’the boy’ after the arrest of his father, leaving him the man of the family. Sounder focuses on man’s inhumanity to man, i.e, the discrimination during that time and emphasizes the value of having courage through the face of adversity. The book generally conveys an atmosphere of loneliness and sorrow, showing how African - Americans felt at that time due to the isolation and inferior treatment. In Sounder, Armstrong portrays a realistic picture of the trials and tribulations of an impoverished black sharecropping …show more content…
As an American born girl of Indian heritage I was a relatively fair child and I was never taught that race mattered. In my third grade, I lost all my friends when we had learned about India in geography class. My teacher knew that I was Indian and he asked me to speak my language to the class. I proudly obliged and shortly after class ended, my friends confronted me. They asked me why I never told them I was Indian and accused me of being a liar and fake. They believed I was hispanic, laughing I told them they never asked me and I didn't think it was important. I remember them saying that we couldn’t be friends and me sitting on the floor crying at recess that day. I began to sit alone after that when I wasn’t in class. After a while of this, a boy named Jacob asked me to come and play with him and his friends. He was the first person to realize that I was upset and to show me any type of kindness. Jacob and I became fast friends and around a month later, some of the girls apologized to me and asked me to introduce them to Jacob. Of course, it wasn't a real apology, but just an excuse to play with Jacob and his friends, but I didn't realize it until they ignored me again when Jacob didn't talk to them. At the end of the day, I made new friends and realized that those girls weren't friends at all, but then again we were only around six or

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