Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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Throughout history, racism has played a major issue in socialism. As well as in today’s society, where racism is still very relevant. Racism has become less prevalent, but it is still a major issue. In the 1960’s it was unheard of to have a mixed racial couple or even act of romance between the two. This was an act that could get the black individual thrown in jail; even having done nothing wrong. This was what happened with Tom Robinson’s case in the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”, by Harper Lee, he was charged for a crime he didn’t commit because he is a Negro man. In his argument during court, he explains that the “victim”, Mayella Ewell, who accused Tom Robinson of raping her, is doing this to get rid of her own guilt. He continues with how it was the guilt that motivated her to do this. He mentions that she is a “victim of cruel poverty and ignorance”, but that he cannot pity her for she is white. This case is one of many, showing racism and falsely accusing a man of a crime a didn’t commit. Robinson starts off his argument with “Gentlemen,” he does this in order to show that he is respectful and honorable; Robinson didn’t do anything wrong and needs to convince the jury of that. He continues by telling that “this case is not a difficult one, it requires no minute sifting of complicated facts, but it does require you to be …show more content…
Racism is one of these major issues. Shown in the novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird”, by Harper Lee, Tom Robinson was clearly put into a bad situation by just trying to help out another human being in need and ended up being persecuted for it. Racism was the cause for this and it happens to so many others in the world around us. Robinson was not the one at fault here, but is found guilty because there is a folly in the system of right and wrong. Clearly, racism needs to end, in order for everyone to live as one. We were brought as one and should leave as

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