Racism In Schools Essay

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Register to read the introduction… The Swann report found that linguistic factors might hold back the progress of a few West Indian children.

A number of writers suggest that the nature of family life affects level of attainment among ethnic minorities. If this view is taken then West Indians are held to have a family life which fails to encourage children to do well in education and in which there is an adequate provision of toys, books and stimulation from West Indian parents. It has also been suggested that the West Indian population in Britain has a high proportion of one parent families and a large number of working women who leave their children without close parental supervision in the early years of their lives. In contrast to West Indian families, Asian families are widely believed to be more close knit and supportive of their children's education. In a summary of the report done by Swann, suggested that Asian family structure were more tightly knit than either the white or West Indian family, and that this contributes to responsibility for the higher level
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He claimed that the British system actually makes black children become educationally subnormal by making them feel inferior in every way. Here are some factors in which Bernard Coard shows the negatives of the British educational system : - (I) West Indian children are told that their way of speaking is second rate and unacceptable, the implication being that they themselves are second rate as human beings, (II) The word 'white' is associated with good; the word 'black' with evil. Coard gives an example of a children's book which the 'white unicorn' and the 'white boys' are able to repel an attack by the violent and evil 'black pirates', (III) The content of the education that children receive tends to ignore black people. Reading books often contain only white people, and when blacks do feature they are normally shown in subservient social roles such as servants. Coard claims that the people whose lives are studied and acclaimed are white. Black culture, music and art are all conspicuous by their absence from the curriculum, (IV) The attitudes to race conveyed in the classroom

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