Racism in Schindler's List Essay

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“The opposite of love is not hate but indifference,” Elie Weisel stated after commenting on his thoughts on racism and his years surviving the Holocaust. Weisel was thrown in and out of concentration camps starting at the age of fifteen until finally his final camp where his father had died was liberated. The tragedies that Weisel along with the other millions of people who suffered were unimaginable and even Weisel himself strived for years to find words that somewhat explained what their experience was like. However, no one will ever be able to fully express what It is truly like to live during such racist times, whether it be through writing or film.
Racism is a term which involves
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Another common reaction to racism would be fighting in order to protect yourself. When a human being is verbally or physically attacked, the body’s instant reaction would be to attack whomever is hurting you. Unfortunately, this common tactic for dealing with racism ultimately leads into more dangerous situations. When in conditions of racism such as the extermination of the Jewish community, for the Jews, there was no choice of dealing with the racism. They were not given the choice of fighting back and standing up for what they believed in. If they did, they were killed. The Nazis lyed their fate in their own hands. If they did as they were told, maybe they would live. If they choose to rebel, they would die. The victims of the Holocaust were silenced while fighting for their lives, although many would never make it out of the genocide.
Throughout the movie, Schindler’s List, the writer focused more on the reactions of the witnesses of the Holocaust, such as Shcindler, whether than the extermination itself. The first thought for making a Holocaust story would be to focus on the millions of victims who were tortured, gassed, and burned. However, Spielberg focused more on the citizens who knew what was happening and never spoke up. Oscar Schindler had witnessed it all. He had seen the round up of all the Jews in the area and watched them be thrown into a

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