Racism In Politics

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Register to read the introduction… Will we ever be able to treat people with equality no matter what color they are? No, because the government is also racist. The Democratic Party has always been the party known for protecting the rights of blacks. Republicans, on the other hand, have been known as a “racist party with a racist strategy.” Government is divided. Political Power is used to make and enforce laws and resolve disputes. “White elite’s use political power to reproduce racism and extend it on the one hand, and to physically smash any attempt at racial progress on the other.” (240) Between the justice system and vigilantes, racism has the violence it needs to contain its victims. But, like the media, politicians' rhetoric and campaigns keep the racist sea favorable for the justice system's fish to do their …show more content…
But their campaigns and misinformation also help create the context, frame the issues, and set the terms of debate. Hate groups flower when overtly racist politicians are in power. They did in the 1910s under Woodrow Wilson and they did again in the 1980s under Reagan (James Loewen talks about this in 'Lies My Teacher Told Me'). "The government cheats African-Americans out of their Social Security payments; routinely harasses them for DWB (Driving While Black); and disproportionately arrests them for drug crimes," said Steve Dasbach, the party's national chairman. "In other words, government policies keep black Americans poor, afraid, and in jail," he said. "That's why the government -- at the federal, state, and local levels -- is the worst friend that black Americans ever had." "Freedom would be a better friend for African-Americans than government," he said. "Government likes to masquerade as the friend of minorities. But the more power government gets, the more damage it can do to America's minority

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