Racism In My Body Is My Own Business?

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Immigration has created diversity in different communities around the world putting together people from a wide variety of different cultures and backgrounds in these societies. The United States of America prides itself for being a melting pot where people adopt the American identity by dissolving their previous beliefs as they assimilate into the American society. In contrast, in other countries like Canada, people get to keep and practice their own beliefs and ideologies since it is believed that mixing people from different backgrounds rather than dissolving identifies together creates peace. Nevertheless, regardless of the methods of assimilations countries adopt, social issues like racism are still very prevalent and problematic. At the same time, it is important to note that no individual is born racist; people develop a racist mentality as they grow older mainly due to ignorance, stereotypes, and fear. To develop an efficient way to combat racism and its outspread, it is crucial to understand the roots of the problem and where it stem from. …show more content…
Therefore, in this essay, these causes of racism will be explored as they help clarify the reasons behind the racism Naheed Mustafa felt through her experiences which she documented in her article, “My body is my own

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