Bob Dylan Masters Of War Analysis

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Music. A form of artistic expression consisting of its own unique, universal language, and is arguably the most popular and timeless form of entertainment. The art of musical composition is admired all over the world, and its articulately written notes and lyrics are used by many as a gateway to speak to all four corners of the world, and pass on one’s own thoughts on worldly struggles. Especially in the previous century, the 20th century, music has been one of the only ways to peacefully contribute ideas and takes on extremely controversial matters, such as the song, “Masters of War” by Bob Dylan that expressed his distraught with the Vietnam War. However, artists of the modern era, of the 21st century, have either been more hesitant to share …show more content…
This is clearly seen through the lines, “The I.V. and your hospital bed, this was no accident this was a therapeutic chain of events.” Another line, “Can’t take the kid from the fight, take the fight from the kid” is the band’s way of saying that if you can’t remove someone from their personal struggles, you need to take the struggles away from them. Meaning, in this situation, that if society can’t keep someone away from attempting suicide, society needs to take away the ability to do so through the use of rehab and hospitalization. Also, when Brendan Urie, the lead singer of the band, sings, “You’re a regular decorated emergency”, he is saying that it has become so normal for people, especially children, to attempt suicide, that this single attempt, is just a regular everyday hospital emergency. This is a way for the band to express the extent of the affects of the increasing suicide rates, and that something needs to be done to stop it.
A third song, “Time to Dance”, discusses the problem of how society doesn’t deem suicide as important as it should, the world simply describes it as a cry for attention instead of as a real and deadly issue. In the line, “Well, she’s not bleeding on the ballroom floor just for the attention”, clearly states the band’s opinion on how attempting or going through with taking one’s own life is not a joke or a publicity stunt,
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He mentions how racism is heavily talked about, but with all of this talk, is progress really even being made? Even after Martin Luther King Jr. and other black rights activists from the 1900’s, there is still racism in many different forms of society. Macklemore even goes as far as to mention police brutality and the recent shooting of Michael Brown, a black man, which resulted in the Boston Riots. Some of the more jarring lyrics in the song are, “You said publicly “Rest in peace Mike Brown”, you speak about equality but do you really mean it?”, and “Most of us aren’t even paying attention, it seems like we’re more concerned with being racist than we actually are with

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