Racism In Great Debaters By Denzel Washington

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The film Great Debaters starring Denzel Washington is a powerful example of a movie that can show you different aspects of the change in society. The movie is about a teacher, Denzel Washington who tried to teach an African American debate team how to compete and to improve on every level. This was a hard thing to do because around this time in America, it was hard for anybody of color to be this successful. He ran into many roadblocks while trying to produce success and making sure that his team was ready to compete in the best way they could. This was a very determinate group of African American students; they just needed some guidance by an intelligent teacher who could help them strive harder while also being a positive influence. The movie shows how certain changes in society can affect the people that are in the society. It describes how racism affected people of color.
The film took place in the 1930’s and was based on an article written by Tony Scherman about the Wiley College debate team. During this time, racism was a major problem.
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The color of their skin they were underestimated and in which they were called many names by the opposite race. The perspective that whites had upon African Americans was that they weren’t worth anything and that they weren’t capable of achieving anything. The students tried to prove them wrong through the debates because they knew their worthy. They eventually became a virtuous debate team and not only began to win debates but respect from the whites. During this time, they also gained confidence in their debating skills. The culture of the 1930’s impacted their behavior because they wanted to prove their worthiness, and intelligence. It also impacted the way they acted towards the opposite race. The idea was that the whites didn’t like them so they had a certain animosity towards

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