Racism In Do The Right Thing

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Uprise Against Racism

In the movie, Do The Right Thing, the main character Mookie is an arbitrator between his boss, Sal and the black customers who are Mookie’s family and friends. Mookie is stuck in a position if he sides with his family and friends then Sal will fire him but if he sides with Sal then Mookie turns on his family and friends. Mookie did the right thing because property can’t and will not ever equate to human life, he was standing up against police brutality in his neighborhood, and finally Sal’s racism towards his black customers.

To start, Mookie did the right thing because property can’t and will not ever equate to human life. Yes what Mookie did was illegal, however Radiohead Raheem’s life is vanished and can never appear
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He is racist towards everyone except Jane, Mookie’s sister who Sal is interested in. The only reason why Sal is in the ghetto because he makes a lot of money in that area off of the black people. Sal only tolerates his customers because he knows if he does something wrong, then he could lose all of his customers and income. One situation where Sal is racist towards his customer is when Buggin Out asks Sal why he doesn’t have any brothers on the wall, then Sal tells him if he wants brothers on the wall then he can get his own place. Buggin Out asks, “ Yo Mookie, why are there no brothers on the wall?” Mookie says, “I don’t know, ask Sal.” Then Sal says, “You want brothers on the wall get your own place. Do what you want to do...but this is my pizzeria. American Italians on my wall only.” Buggin Out retaliates and says, “Well you own this and rarely do I ever see American Italians eating in here. All I see is black folks, and since we spend much money here, I do have some say.” Sal has had it at this point and asks Buggin Out if he is looking for trouble, “Are you looking for trouble? You’re a troublemaker aren’t you? Ball buster..Suppose I busted your head...Mookie can you get your friend out of here,”(23:38-25:49). Sal threatens Buggin Out but his son holds him back by grabbing the bat from him. While Mookie was getting Buggin Out out of the pizzeria you hear Sal laughing in the background like he won this battle. If Mookie wasn’t there to be the intermediary and to keep the peace between Sal and the black customers, then the wipe out of the pizzeria would have already arises. Sal has Mookie to keep himself together and to make sure he doesn’t cross the line with his customers. Another situation where Sal is racist towards his customers would be when Radiohead Raheem comes into Sal’s pizzeria with his radio blasting tries to buy some pizza. Raheem says, “Two slices,” and Sal yells

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