Violation In Darfur

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Darfur is a piece of text is true and takes place in the present. It is so upsetting that you would not believe that people are still treated like they are. They are treated as less than people which is a direct violation of Article 1 and 2. The text also violates Articles 3 and 5. The people in Darfur are so brutally mistreated and they are not treated in a good spirit of brotherhood. A good spirit of brotherhood would be the Arabs working with the Darfur people and talking things out with them, not acting out in a fit of rage and oppressing many people. These people are just trying to live their life peacefully, but because of rebel forces and governments, they are forced to live their lives in constant fear and some don’t get to live their …show more content…
Both texts deal with someone trying to take out an entire group of people, also known as genocide. These texts also have the same violations. These similar violations include violations of Articles 1, 2, 3 and 5. Both texts have people treating them as less than themselves. It is truly atrocious to see how these two different groups of people were treated so similarly. They both had a group of people trying to take them out instead of working together in a calm and mannerly way. Instead, they both had groups killing and torturing them. The biggest violation of them all would be the violation of Article 2. It is upsetting that racism and the oppressing of other groups of people still happens today in the 21st century. We still treat people differently because they don’t believe in the same religion as we do, or because they look a certain way and we don’t feel comfortable being around them. It happened in these books and it is still happening today. In Night the Jews had most of their rights stripped away because they were Jewish. In Darfur, the Darfuris had most of their rights stripped away as well because they were very black and they are not Arabian. These two texts are so similar when it comes to the violation of this article. It’s sickening to think that people still think it is okay to treat people as less than they are. We are all equal, no matter what religion we believe in, no matter what we think, no matter what we eat, and especially no matter what we look like. Night and Darfur both capture how cruel humanity really can be when people act out on their words. It ends up in many many deaths and the destruction of a country. With this in mind, there is the violation of Article 3. Article 3 is simple to understand and it is simple to see how these two texts violated it all throughout. When someone invades a country and takes over, it is scary for the people in that country. When people in your home

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