Racism In Americ The Melting Pot

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Since the great land of the North America had been conquered by the British, it had been called as a big “melting pot” for many years. Waves after waves of immigrants with different ethnic background, birthplace, culture and heritage moved to this broad, hot, fresh land for an identical purpose ---- the divine “American Dream.” Generations of immigrants who have different faces and skin colors melted and reformed together in this homogenous broth. However, immigrants always lose their unique cultural identities during the process of the assimilation. They became indistinguishable in the society when they surrendered their abilities of making diverse ethic contribution to the country. Although the metaphor of “the Melting Pot” is still true …show more content…
Minorities who are maladaptive to the society have much greater risks of being racial discriminated and unwelcomed by other majorities. In other words, all newcomers must adapt to the main American culture, regardless their different cultural backgrounds, or they will find America is a difficult place to live. This invisible rule indulges the institutionalized racism to spread wildly in the society. The development of Intelligence exam in America, for instance, is a concrete evidence to reveal the rationalization of racism in a “Melting Pot” society. At that time, although the country of America was claimed to be open to every people in the world, the society explains that the most African Americans failed to cope with the main culture was because they have major defections in their gene. Thus, Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray published a book, The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life, in 1994 to rationalize why African Americans had lower IQ test scores than Caucasian Americans did. Herrnstein and Murray even classified different races into different categories because they ridiculously believed that the differences in test scores were the result of genetic defects. As the result, the book justified the racist science by saying that generally all black Americans, on average, are less intelligent than white Americans. Although the book was later been accused to promote scientific racism by other psychologists, it was still a dirty milestone in the long history of the “Melting Pot”

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