Racism In Americ The Civil Rights Movement

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How many of us have ever felt like we did not fit in? Have ever been put down, excluded or physically attacked because another person or group believed we did not fit in or did not measure up to their standards? Though most of us have been treated unfairly at one point in our lives, we may still fail to realize a much larger scale problem that exists in our society today; a problem which I strongly believe the majority of people are unaware of, and really needs to be brought to the table. This problem being racism - the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. Many people remain unaware of this definition …show more content…
Although the Civil Rights Movement caused huge advancements in the world of people of color,we have only touched the surface in defeating racism. There are still stereotypes, there are still racial slurs and jokes being thrown around. There are still people who have hate raging through them. Therefore, there is still an immense amount of racism in our country today. We must not let this continue. People need to wake up and realize that hate gets us nowhere. Discriminating, stereotyping, name-calling - it all needs to end. I will not stand to see the suffering souls of these civilians stay suppressed. I feel ashamed that people in the world continue to judge and hate somebody because of the color of his or her skin. I do not desire for us to remain so blind to what we are letting our country consist of, we need to be empathetic and understanding of other human beings. We need a new beginning. Generations from now, I hope no human will view another as deficient or inferior because of their skin color or descent.

Change needs to happen. So, I challenge all of you to take a stand with me, think about what we as high school students can do for the future of our country. Alter your minds and open them to think in new and better ways, do not be so quick to judge. If you see someone being racist - be it at school, home, online, anywhere - speak up, do not let this continue. Let us revolutionize our world, and let our future generations see the world in a light that we have never

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