The Theme Of Between The World And Me

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Racism is a superficial idea that many still believe is harmless. It was created to keep power held for the white people and make distinctions between races to highlight the whites at the top of the social ladder. It holds people in different standards than others simply because of the color of their skin or culture. Coates breaks this barrier by writing Between the World and Me and acknowledges that race stems from racism. He writes this memoir to his son about how to live in a society that is driven through racism. The fear of police brutality, discrimination, and wrongful accusations are all created from racism. For years, black people have been enslaved in order to make America great for the whites. They were manipulated into leaving their …show more content…
Coates uses repetition of the word "black bodies" to highlight the importance of it.*** Black bodies are vulnerable- encompassed with their stereotype of being 'violent.' Police brutality uses black stereotypes to justify their violence toward the black community. The very idea of a 'black body' portrays the distinctions society makes using the concept of race. Instead of being one community, we are divided simply because we fear the loss of power. Black bodies are oppressed, threatened by the police in a country that stands for freedom. The answer as to why this occurs is power. People in America neglect to notice how black people are being exploited. Coates hopes to educate black children like his son about the world they live in and how they must deal with it as an African American person.
Moreover, Coates’s main idea in Between the World and Me was to portray the concept of race stemming from racism. As soon as people see a bad view of someone, it's hard to change that perspective. They instantly fear that person. White people fear losing their power and their American Dream. They fear this so much that they would much rather forget the whole history of slaves and how America came to be. Coates believes that pretending that racism doesn't exist will not help black bodies nor the community. He wants black bodies to embrace their heritage and defy the stereotypes and racism against

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