Privilege Vs White Privilege Essay

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Privilege Speaks for Itself
“...Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,” are the words from our nation 's “Pledge of Allegiance.” Is there fine print at the bottom that states: excluding every race except whites? Or perhaps only those with white privilege can see and read it and those with color privilege cannot; similar to as how white privilege is invisible to whites, but not too colored people. Acts of racial bias occur way too often and go unseen by white people because they do not experience it themselves; it is not part of their reality. When in fact, not only is racism part of reality; it is actuality; embedded deep in the structure of society and is part of every system in most institutions in the United States. Racism is not something that will ever end as long as it goes unrecognized and denied as still being an issue. The disparities between colored privilege and white privilege in the matters of education, income, and health care are topics that people have a hard time confronting, but are issues that require attention because they are key elements in building a strong healthy economy.
Every person, colored and non-colored should have the right to an equal education and be
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White privilege has refrained the nation from achieving liberty and justice for all. Society has failed to give equal opportunity to every American no matter what their race might be, showing us that race is a key factor in determining what privileges you are entitled to. The inequalities that colored people experience and the disadvantages that go along with having colored privilege are something whites never acknowledge and will ever experience. Therefore, it will not be real to them. Nevertheless, color privilege means you have no privilege. The inequalities and discrimination that people of color faced in education, income, and health care are part of

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