Racism During The 1960s : Emmett Till Essay

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Racism in American history has caused a major issue throughout the years. Many times discrimination happens for no reason. One tragic event that occurred during the 1950s led to the blatant murder of a young boy named Emmett Till. Till is a non forgettable legacy for many people all over the United States and induced others to seek social change.The Emmett Till incident triggered people all over the country. African Americans have dealt with racial discrimination for centuries. During the 1950s, the struggle against racism and segregation entered the mainstream of the American life.
Emmett Till was an African American from boy from Chicago who was visiting family in Money,Mississippi. Emmett Till knew nothing of the dangerous and tense atmosphere in Mississippi during that time. He had no knowledge of the disrespectful hardships or difficulties of being an African American man was like in the South was like during the 1950s. Blacks during this time were discriminated in virtually every aspect of American society. On August 25th, 1955, Emmett Till was brutally murdered at the age of 14 for flirting with a white woman named Carolyn Bryant. Some say that he whistled at her others say that he grabbed her and made lewd remarks towards her. Mrs. Bryant worked at her husband 's stored as a cashier called Bryant 's Grocery and Meat Market. When Mr. Bryant found out about what 14 year old Emmett Till had done to his wife, he had to do something because if he did not, then he would…

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