Racism, Discrimination, And Discrimination Essay

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ord: human. I truly do not understand why the have such a bad stereotype. Every nationality has its criminals, but it does not become a part of their stereotype. It is inhumane to degrade someone due to their race. I found it shocking that many Mexicans say they are from Spain to avoid the stereotypes that define Mexicans. They do not want others to think they are worthless, which is horrible. Every race should feel proud of who they are.

Do I Agree or Disagree:
I agree with this quote because I have seen people make racist comments to Mexicans. They assume all Mexicans act the same, which is a bizarre. How can a whole race act the same when each person is raised differently and have their own personality. It is shameful that this even exists. In addition, Donald Trump’s campaign includes deporting all Mexicans and many Americans agree with his ideas. It is disgusting to see that there are still racist people in this country. I am glad that this author ends this quote with “I am, like my father, Mexican.” The author is proud to be who he is even if people are cruel to him and his race. Instead of replacing his identity as a Mexican, he shows the world who he really is and it 's inspiring.

On the Contrary:
Many people will deny that this quote is true. They do not believe racism and stereotyping exists anymore. They do not pay attention to all the racist remarks around them, therefore it does not exist according to them. This quote shares the author 's everyday life as a…

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