Essay about Racism, Discrimination, And Discrimination

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Admittedly, it is within human nature to group similar people together as a way of organizing and making sense of the vastly diverse world around us. Psychology provides an explanation for this through the term social-categorization: the innate cognitive process in which people make sense of the complex world they live in by allocating similar individuals into social groups. Albeit being a natural human tendency, social grouping, more often than not, turns into stereotyping and discrimination. Consequently leading to discrimination and incorrect rationalizations of select social groups: the most compelling example of inappropriate social-categorization being classism. Classism is defined according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary as the, “unfair treatment of people because of their social or economic class.” Unfortunately, this is the reality for the lower-class families living in poverty in today’s society. Children of these families, are burdened by the discriminating stereotypes associated with their economic situation (Smith). To begin with, families in poverty are kept at an unfair disadvantage with regards to their child’s education, as reported by Gorski in his article, “The Trouble with the Culture of Poverty.” They are given less access to the resources necessary for basic living, not to mention those necessary for equal education. Beginning behind their middle-class counterpart, they are subsequently blamed for their poor academic performance (Gorski).…

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