Racism : Combating Racist Privilege Essay

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Combating racist privilege. When I was eight years old, I had a firsthand experience of racism that to this day gives me a grotesque feeling. A drunk man came up to my family and proceeded to shout derogative words at us. He yelled, “Go back your country you, terrorist”. He commenced to say other things, and yet, what caught my attention was that he thought that we were Muslims. Another encounter with this man lead to him telling his son that “we are not of his kind and he should not play with us”. When we are children, a majority of us are taught to respect other races and cultures. In school, we are taught that diversity is a superb thing that makes us cultured. Children have a naïve nature that protects them from all the animosity set by our society. We are all granted the same privileges laid out in the constitution in this country. Nevertheless there are still people that are blinded by ignorance. The only way to combat ignorance of supremacy is to educate children about the past and have diverse school settings. Compellingly, in practically every school the topic of racism is notably prevalent. They begin to teach kids not to believe that they are superior to other people and that they are the same, regardless of race. As kids move on to the higher grades, schools begin to implore the use of graphic images of racism to absolutely ingrain it in their minds the horror of it. Susan Morris describes graphic images such as “pictures of black babies, naked and crying…

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