Racism At The University Of Mississippi : A Social Psychology Solution

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Racism at the University of Mississippi: a Social Psychology Solution The University of Mississippi is known for it’s football, parties, greek life, and racism. In the past two years the school has taken major steps to reducing outward racism in the school by deciding not to fly the state flag which has the Confederate flag on its left corner and by banning the song “Dixie” from football games. Though these actions have reduced the blatant racism seen by the external population, racism is still thriving within the student body. Prejudices have not been lessened by these administrative decisions, and if anything they have been increased. There have been several studies in social psychology that offer many different solutions to the problem of racism within a specific community. Though it is nearly impossible to “solve” racism, discrimination, and prejudices, there are ways to significantly improve race relations on campus. Social psychology offers relatively simple and cost effective ways to help race relations on a campus that is steeped in a racist history. Many students have been raised in places that are known for being racist like Mississippi and Alabama. This is not to say that every person raised in these areas are racist, but it does mean that much of the student population of Ole Miss have been raised in environments where discrimination is okay to some extent. For instance, the KKK is still an active organization in this part of the world, but that is not the…

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