Essay about Racism As A Source Of Celebration And Inclusion

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Racism does not exist in a vacuum. It does not wield a mind of its own, nor does it act in the absence of human control. Racism is a mindless phenomenon, and people are the vehicles that drive it forward. The future of humanity rests on collective strategies designed to purge the fallacy of racism, a forlorn idea based on simple color differences. What if racial differences became a source of celebration and inclusion? Group differences should highlight man’s grandeur, not its folly. Thus, changes must emerge at an individual, familial, societal, and global level. By enabling shifts in mindset and perception, society can eliminate racism. For years, racism has been a topic of discussion among leaders and politicians alike. Racism, defined, is the hatred and rejection of another racial group (Isaac 561). Over time, prejudice has shaped history, and stopped the equal spread of power, privilege, and resources. Racial groups, of course, are not the same as ethnicities. Race is based on hierarchy, and inspired by physical appearance, rather than self-worth. Whereas, ethnicity is a combination of genetic and cultural traits (Isaac 5). Therefore, race was invented to divide groups by color and differences. Those with racist tendencies created harsh environments for others to maintain their power in society. Based on these trends, it is reasonable to conclude the following. Racial prejudice is caused by socialized beliefs, conditioned responses, and institutional biases, but it can…

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