Racism As A Crime Against Humanity Essay

781 Words Dec 5th, 2015 4 Pages
In today’s society, cultural differences and social boundaries have existed and continues to exist. Often, tension and hostility are two components to those boundaries. What is xenophobia? Different people have different answers to that question. However, the word xenophobia is derived from the Greek words ‘xeno’, meaning stranger or foreigner, and ‘phobia’, meaning fear. It refers to an ‘unreasonable fear and dislike of foreigners or strangers’ (Vorster). According to, Klotz she describes Xenophobia as a crime against humanity that is often expressed in terms of hostilities towards the outsiders (Klotz, 1860 -2010). It is reasonable to assert that when foreigners come in a new country, there is a natural instinct to view them suspiciously. However, when this feeling or perceptions turns into unreasonable fear and dislike against strangers or foreigners, it is referred to as xenophobia. In this paper, I will be debating about the violent attacks i.e. Xenophobia that happened in South Africa and is still currently happening. With regards to the question; What are the leading factors contributing behind Xenophobia in South Africa? Furthermore, I choose South Africa for this debate for the reason being that, South Africa as a country, is known to be a country that gained independence from a colonial system that held a strong sense of racial segregation and oppression. Yet, despite their efforts to gain freedom there is still racial problems. Again, It is…

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