Racism And The Workplace, Education, And Criminal Justice System

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For years, different varieties of races have lived together in America. Freedom has become a symbol that is substantially important for us as Americans. Unfortunately, freedom in this country does not necessarily mean free. Unequal and treated unfairly, people of color live throughout society. Sure, they have the same rights as white people, but racism still exists, more specifically in the workplace and education. Systemic Racism, (aka racism in the workplace, education, and criminal justice system) is a deeply affecting topic that not many people know about. There needs to be more awareness on Systemic Racism amongst the educations system, criminal justice system, and in the workplace, all important topics that are not fully recognized across the country.
Students among education are just one example of inequality throughout the country. Teachers make the assumption that any noncompliant behavior received from African American students is due to attitude. Black students are automatically more responsible for their actions. They are punished harshly for miniscule behaviors such as talking during class, having phones out, or talking back to a teacher when in fact, white students are found responsible for higher violations like carrying a weapon around school. It takes a heavier offense for white students to get the same punishment as black students (“The Problem”). Pupils should not have to be criminalized in their own schools for a concept as simple as noncompliant…

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