Racism And The English Language Essay

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The reading I decided to expand on was titled “Racism in the English Language”. The english language has many phrases and vocabulary that if analyzed well enough, could be considered racist.The article gives specific examples in regards to terminology, symbolism, politics and context from the english language is racist to those around us. In the article, the paragraph most interesting is “Speaking English” for the reason that I can relate to it the most. The examples given brought a common issue to light: Characters in books, and social media, that speak English versus characters of a different race. This paragraph discusses the depiction in movies and children’s books of the third world english speaking people. I found this interesting for the reason that I have read books and watched movies with characters that lack speaking the English language. I believe there is racism in the English language. This essay will further expand my thoughts on racism in the English language through the colour symbolism of black and white, politics and terminology which mislead our understanding of reality, and the depiction of language in books and other media.
Symbolism of Colour One paragraph in this reading focused on the symbolism of black and white and how they are opposite colours. According to The American Heritage Dictionary (1995), the definition of white is “of the colour of pure snow, of the margins of this page,; reflecting nearly all…

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