Racism And The Church : Racism Essay

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Racism & The Church.
Racism is defined as the belief that one racial group is more superior, or one particular race is inferior among others. Racism is very evident among society. We live and breathe in a society where racial tension will always exist towards certain types of society. Racism is directed towards races that are seen as inferior, and is normally retaliated by forms of protest, and violence. As of 2016, racial violence is at an all time high as the discussion of police brutality has been an on the rise trend. This affects the balance of world peace, as people turn against each other, creating an un-dividing tension that will fail to reside. The Catholic Church’s position on racism is a very important as God wants to see us working together, rather than dividing our love for each other because some do not want to love others of an opposite race. This is the most important belief of all catholics as we want to see everyone strive for success and to reach their full potential. If racial tension continues to strive, we will be dis-obeying God’s message and creating a tension amongst our cultures. The Church’s challenges racism in the fore-front because it goes against God’s teachings. Racism affects the balance of world peace because human dignity is corrupted and people are seen as inferior because of belief of one being of higher power than another. Racism also is a global issue as many racial hate crimes are conducted, and this causes people to bring the issue to…

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