Racism And Social Justice Has Made Me A Better Writer Essay examples

1180 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 null Page
It feels like so long ago when I first began this English course. I can remember being so excited about the class topic, racism and social justice, which I felt that I had a lot of passion for. Little did I know that I would have to gather up even more enthusiasm and passion to be able to continue writing papers about the same topic all semester long. This course has tested my endurance, and at many times my patience, and for that I am thankful because I know in the end, it has made me a better writer. Despite various minor challenges this semester I believe that I have put in the hard work that it takes and I have achieved the course goals and will complete this class feeling fulfilled and accomplished. I knew before I ever started this class that I was a very opinionated person. Many times I’ve gotten in trouble for being too pushy. Through the exploratory essay I learned to slow down a bit and think through my topic, rather than jumping to a conclusion right from the get go. To fully explore my topic for this essay, “are high expectations for black women more helpful or hurtful?” I was glad that I chose a question that one the surface, didn’t have a simple answer. I had to analyze multiple ideas and cover these ideas in my paper to fully to make it a truly exploratory essay. It was weird at first not starting with a concrete thesis, but through writing the paper I was able to come to a conclusion and have a strong sense of ownership. In high school I was always very…

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