Essay on Racism And Sexism And Discrimination

1811 Words Apr 14th, 2016 8 Pages
Many women have had experiences with sexism, whether that is in the workplace, on the street, or anywhere else. I have had many encounters with sexism. Men have stared at me inappropriately, called me stupid because I am a female, and demeaned me for my gender. My first experience with sexism was when my male teacher from the second grade advised my dad “to stop teaching me how to play baseball, to stop teaching me how to snowboard, stop taking me to football games, and start making me wear dresses like girls should. Because girls don’t need to be distracted by such complicated matters like sports, they just need to look pretty.” As an eight- year-old-girl, I was already exposed to sexism and discrimination because of my gender and the way my parents chose to raise me. As an eight-year-old girl, I became suddenly self-conscious about the way I walked, talked, and the things I did. I was afraid to look up to athletes like Vladimir Guerrero and Matt Hasselbeck. I believed that I didn’t meet people’s expectations of what a girl should be and I was afraid to let anybody down. It wasn’t until a year later that I finally became proud of who I was and proud of the fact that I was the only girl I knew who would fight a boy and watch hockey with my father. I may not be as dainty and feminine as what is expected by others, but that shows the injustice in our culture’s expectations. Girls should be able to play sports and wear whatever they like, and boys should be allowed to play…

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