Racism And Romance Of William Shakespeare 's Othello Essay

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William Shakespeare a poet, english writer and also an actor 's time to time faced off with racism in the 17th century. For the research focusing on a particular play that was impacted by his life. In Othello, one of William best plays portrays on racism and romance throughout the play. “Shakespeare holds a mirror up to human nature: what he 's telling his audiences is that racism, however subtle, is never harmless.”(Bulm).

William Shakespeare was very interested in how so much dark skin people or “blackamoor” was around in London and how One of the Elizabethan The Queen of England that was not very pleased. Since history was still being made that not that much of discrimination of different color is still happening to this very day. For William as being pleased like other white men like English ethnocentrism who were a group of white men who dislike others as this racism is towards dark skin and most likely to say awful things towards them or rarely kidnapped them and send them who know where 's. So was William shakespeare play Othello had an impact in his life, could be true with all the discrimination thats going on in the play.

At the time the play was being scripted, 1604, during that time racism was spitting out only by angry or upset people, but for the queen of England who just simply hated black people for over running her country. In the following paragraph, we see how William Shakespeare is surrounded by racism and how he brings it towards one of his…

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