Racism And Racism : The Oregon Of The Past Essay examples

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The Oregon of today is far different from the Oregon of the past; while today’s Oregon is progressive thinking and much more open to people of all kinds, it has definitely not always been that way. Prejudice and racism have been a steadfast piece of Oregonian culture since before Oregon was even a state; from the language used in the provisional legislature, which banned permanent residency of people of color, to the territorial draft constitution, it was obvious that, according to the residents, Oregon was meant to be a white man’s protestant state. The state’s feelings of animosity towards people of color and the aversion to anybody different were the precise reasons that the Ku Klux Klan was so easily able to find a foothold in Oregon during the 1920s and why it was so readily accepted into the state’s society and politics; by using those deep-seated fears, attitudes, and beliefs, the Ku Klux Klan were easily able to exploit Oregon to further its own agendas, and in the process, became a major political and social power in the state for almost a decade.
Even during the early years, when Oregon was only a province, it was fraught with racist attitudes. In 1842, Oregon residents voiced unease and displeasure about overland emigrants and retired fur trappers coming to settle in the Willamette Valley; they felt that the mixed blood families would “complicate things” and pose problems, and it was a common concern that if Congress passed the Linn’s bills, land would be granted…

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