Essay on Racism And Race And Ethnicity

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1) What is one type of prejudice other than racism? (10 points) One type of prejudice other than racism is class it is a form of discrimination by wealthy people towards people who are less wealthy. In addition, classism can also be the vice-versa, people of lower economic status can see the wealthy as snobs.

2) What is one example of social fatherhood from our society? (10 points)

3) How are race and ethnicity different? How are they the same? (10 points) Race and ethnicity differ in several ways. Race is a primary union of a group and we have only one race, while we can claim. We can only have one race, while you can claim multiple ethnic connections. For example, we can identify a person as Irish and polish, but have to be either black or white. There is no similarity between race and ethnicity.

4) Analyze one Single Story from our society, including the origins and purpose, alternative stories, and how you would change the narrative to include those alternative stories. (15 points) One story that I had analyzed before by Chimamanda Ngozi, called The Danger of a Single Story was an inspiring and wonderful story which starts by letting us know a story about what she would explain on as a youngster. She would make stories that were like the outside stories she would read which contained white cleaned youngsters with blue eyes, not at all like her. Until she discovered African stories is the point at which she understood that individuals like her could be in stories.…

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