Racism And Public Health Of Chicago By Fr. Holtschneider And Dr. David Ansell

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The video I decided to use for this year’s LSP/CIP common assignment is called: “Racism and Public Health in Chicago” by Fr. Holtschneider and Dr. David Ansell. Doctor Ansell was born in 1952 in Chicago. He is physician that decided to write books about the health inequities and the structure of the US health care system. His thirty years as a provider to the medically underserved have made him a vocal supporter of single-payer health care. He spent seventeen years at Cook County Hospital currently known as John H. Stroger Hospital of Cook County upon which the medical T.V. drama ER was based. Ansell was inspired by his time at Cook County Hospital to write a memoir and social history entitled, County: Life, Death, and Politics in Chicago’s Public Hospital. Ansell argues that only a single-payer solution that provides access to all US residents regardless of circumstances can provide relief for those closed out of the health care system. The idea that I will try to express in this essay is about how privileged I feel in a society that favor white people over African-American, as well as the connections that surprised me between my experience and what touched upon in the video. Lastly, the video/event helped me confirm my own analysis and experiences about how the society treats people from different ethnicity. To be able to do so, I will support my thoughts with an article from Bonnie Thornton Dill, called: “Fictive Kin, Paper Sons, and Compadrazgo: Women of Color and the…

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