Racism And Prejudice During The Civil Rights Movement Essay example

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Countless dead and thousands emotionally distraught for what only seems to be a never ending cycle of racial vengeance. Each person has a different outlook on the racial behavior recently taking place and to understand one must learn the reasoning behind such beliefs. The United States is a multicultural nation that has experienced racial controversy starting from the Civil Rights Movement till present day. There have been many outburst and violent encounters that have originated from racism. Racism and prejudice actions have been invariably the most debated topics when it comes to any problem within society. Shootings, riots, and protest spread across the world resulting from racism. To gain an understanding on this matter we should try to find the causes of these gruesome actions from multiple point of views and understanding the reasoning of such violence. What could bring a person to embark on a life changing choice of hurting or killing someone for the color of their skin. We constantly think of ways on how to put a stop to this war which seems to be never ending. This race war presented itself on July 17th, 2016 when three Baton Rouge police officers were gunned down one of the three being an African American. The shooter identified as Gavin Long had made a video previous to the shooting preaching on how injustice African Americans rights were and how fighting back is the best way to prevail on top. Long quoted in this video,
“One-hundred percent have been…

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