Racism And Prejudice Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… I deeply respected the farmer who gave work to all those poor legal and illegal immigrants; I went to my classes, did my homework, worked hard, and was successful, just like every good American; I sat at or near the front of the class with all my white friends; I was praised and encouraged by my white teachers while my Mexican-American peers sat in the back, disinterested and ignored. In “Is There a Hispanic Underclass?” Joan Moore describes over-crowded and poorly equipped schools attended by Hispanics. Smallville’s situation is just as disturbing. The funding and equipment are comparable to most other predominantly white schools, but Mexican-American students rarely receive the support that most white students do. They have neither the resources nor the role models. While Mexican-American families just make ends meet, white families suckle their young with visions of M.D.’s and M.B.A.’s, instilling in them a self-confidence which their peers with darker skin may never know.

I can remember many school situations in which I shared classes with Mexican-Americans. I can imagine how they might have felt sharing the class with a dominant culture. “Sharing,” however, is not an appropriate word. The dominant culture was very willing to share with each other but very restrictive when it came to allowing anyone else into our circles. I can remember times when a Mexican-American sat next to me, and I can remember my indifference. I can remember feeling so secure in my warm, sheltered dominant culture that I felt no need to
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I was going to college. I was going to Davis. I was going to go to my business classes, and there would be a Chicano on my left, a Latino on my right, and an African- American woman sitting right in front of me. And we wouldn’t just sit near each other; we would be buddies. After class, we would go hang out at some liberal coffee house that would be crawling with ethnic minority students. Something went wrong. I remember my first big class. It was Economics 1A in 194 Chem. Out of three hundred and fifty students, there were two black men. I remember because they stuck out like two dark spots on a piece of white

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