Racism And Overrepresentation On Indigenous People Essay example

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The emergence of indigenous courts captures the general public’s attention. Not only deploying innovative practices of justice, it acknowledges the devastating and enduring effects that indigenous people suffer since the period of colonization. Indigenous people continue to be disproportionately disadvantaged in the society. Since the early 90s, nations such as Australia and Canada begin to be more aware of the difficulties that indigenous people have confronted such as the effects of colonization, racism and overrepresentation in the Criminal Justice System. In response, indigenous sentencing courts are raised. These courts are specifically designed to recognize indigeneity in the sentencing process to reduce the impacts that indigenous people have encountered. This essay argues that the success of indigenous sentencing courts is questionable. The reason is because the outcomes appear to be suffering from a lot of criticisms. The following paragraphs will illustrate the impact of colonization, racism and overrepresentation on indigenous people. Then, this essay will explain how Australia and Canada attempt to recognize indigeneity in the sentencing process and such an attempt is yet to be successful because it fails to improve the issue of overrepresentation.


The history of colonization can be tracked back a few hundred years ago when the European colonizers seized lands from the hands of the indigenous people. Lands were claimed to be their own, for…

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