Racism And Oppression : An Individual And An Aspiring Ally Essay

1257 Words Dec 1st, 2016 6 Pages
It is my belief that for a white individual like myself to be an ally against racism, they must first possess the ability to understand existing forms of racism and oppression in the American macroscopic environment. Moreover, to combat or relinquish such beliefs, it must be understood how they evolve over time and are further enabled within varying institutions. It is my hope that through this document it will be illustrated that I have potential to grow and learn both as an individual and an aspiring ally. Through my continuing studies on racism and oppression, I seek to learn more about myself through the varying lenses of self-reflection and identity definitions I am exposed to, while synonymously learning to aid others through multicultural and racial competency and empathy. The past few weeks have been most illuminating, as I have come into a new state of knowing regarding many concepts, specifically those emphasizing the levels of racism which can and do exist within dominant American culture. Referring to one of my readings regarding diversity and social justice, I had to give considerable thought as to how a society could actually program its citizens to perceive oppression as normal and certain privileges as expected treatment through simple and progressive socialization. Additionally, after completing this reading regarding societal and cultural level racism, I recollected on my own past beliefs founded upon my privilege. From personal experience, I like to…

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