Human Trafficking And Abortion By Leopold II

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1. One way the author describes a moral evil is that it is when someone acts from a coldly hostile calculation. Two of the issues that show this to me are the issues of racism and domestic violence.
a. Racism is the discrimination of people simply because they are of a different race than us. At one point in our nation’s history, we let this evolve into slavery. Slavery was truly a coldly hostile calculation. It was the forcing of men, women, and children into work because they were a different, and believed to be "inferior" race than others in our country. This is an archetype that has been witnessed throughout the world, whether in Anti-Semitism in Europe, Leopold II 's brutal mistreatments in the Congo, or in our own country the internment period of Japanese during World War 2.
b. Domestic violence is definitely another moral evil. Anyone who is violent towards a person, anyone, let alone
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The author presents us with three ways to face evil today.
a. The issues I will address are human trafficking and Abortion.
1. The first step is to name the evil for what that which it is. Human trafficking and abortion are rightfully named as an evil. Human trafficking is the kidnapping, buying, and selling of humans into forced labor, and more often than not into sexual slavery. Abortion is the killing of an unborn baby in its mother’s womb. How could anyone address these two things as anything but an evil?
2. He says secondly we are called upon to exorcise the evil. We must do everything we can to stop and prevent it. Many anti-trafficking initiatives and campaigns have been started and will hopefully continue to be started in order to combat this rapidly growing form of organized crime. Also, many people protest the act of abortion. Finally, we need to take the yes/no step. We must confront the evils of trafficking and prostitution and of abortion as evils and reject them. Then, once we reject these evils, we can fill the emptiness of evil with

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