Racism And Its Ugly Effects Essay

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Throughout the years, racism and its ugly effects have slowly come to smoother water. From blacks being forced to sit on a particular part of a bus, to an African American being elected for president, the outlooks have definitely changed. Today, everyone has equal rights;however, that has not been the case in the years before now. African Americans had to force their way into playing in national sports. Restaurants and schools were segregated and blacks were looked at as unclean. Blacks and whites were considered different species from each other. Blacks also had to fight for their rights to get an education and get jobs without racial barriers.This was very hard for African Americans in this time era; however, things did get better from there. The social tensions between diverse minority groups decreased dramatically since the 13th amendment was ratified in 1865 to abolish slavery. This was a huge step in recovering the nation from the hard struggles of racism in the past. It is safe to say that people have inched their way closer to accepting minorities and cancelling out forms of racism as time goes on. Although racism still exists in the world, it will never be as bad as it used to be. Racial differences will continue to get better as citizens learn how to handle people’s variations. Laws were passed and it revised the nation forever. Racism has changed over the decades and it will continue to transform over a span of a lifetime.
Slavery was a huge milestone in…

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