Racism And Its Impact On The Economy And Structure Of Society

1928 Words Dec 5th, 2016 8 Pages
Racism has turned our society into one full of hate and discrimination based of skin color and cultural beliefs. Unfortunately, discrimination has done more than just separate individuals socially it has also divided them into high and low economic classes. We have created a society in which people who are born into lower classes are unable to climb the social ladder and reach an elite economic status. Our society has made it almost impossible for those who are not in power to ever reach such a position. We have created a society in which those who are suffering will continue to suffer and be looked at as a having no value or ability to contribute to the success of the economy and structure of society. Racism has existed since the creation of society and has formed into an idea that allows individuals to limit the power of others based on preconceived notions.
Racism started to have its biggest impact on the construction of economic class during plantation slavery, in which labor and land encouraged wealth and power as well as oppression to the slaves. The oppression of blacks by whites and whites defining themselves as white and in power began the construction of a dominant race, one in which individuals oppress others and build their own worth. As long as whites continued to oppress different cultures and identities that aren’t similar to their own whites controlled how society would construct their economy and force work and labor on others. The whites had no…

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