Racism And Its Effects On Society

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Racism is the belief that humans are divided into several identifiable groups called Races and that all members of a race share certain fundamental, biologically hereditary characteristics with one another that they do not share with members of any other race. Racism is associated with attitudes and practice of a once dominant group toward a previously designated inferior group. Racism in todays society is strongly being showed but not being said thats what it is. Racism will never die. Its taught through generations. “The vast majority of white American believed that blacks were innately inferior”(TeenInk.com). Blacks ways of being treated had an effect on blacks in the south. Everything you read or hear, nowadays, is related
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For example whites who grow up not liking African Americans was taught that. Racism seems to me similar to religion and is almost impossible to change the minds of committed people. I feel like if young children are educated on the subject at an early age through television and school, racism will decrease dramatically. People just feel like the world will be so much better if racism was to stop.” Even though things like this continue to happen today, we must remember our country has certainly grown more racially tolerant since the tumultuous 60s”(Racism and Its effect on society.com). Some people do not want to be classed as racist and it is a security blanket that allows people to comment on the situation of racism. Our Constitution makes it clear that people in the world must be treated equally, under the law. Racial prejudice is real in american. It’s crazy that people treat people the way they do just because of a skin color. . People has to do better about the way they go about things. “People saw Obama’s re-election as a huge connection to racism”(Global Issues.com). It is now 2014 and racism is still in effect. Society just as well as I, think it has grown more . Some people hate to talk about racism because its a touchy …show more content…
What about the future generation. We have young siblings that we want to have a better life. A large population of people honestly feel like there is nothing being done about racism. The media can advertise things like tobacco, beer, domestic violence, but not racism. There is no time being put into it. America want pay any attention to it until its an outbreak somewhere and then its going to be too late to do anything about it. Its ashame that it takes an outbreak here in america before people open their eyes and realize that something that should have been realized along time ago isn 't going rite. Its time for someone with authority to put their feet down and say something about what 's going on. The U.S.A is suppose to be home to freedom. Every race and religion is welcomed to stay. People are getting carried away with the racial act. The kids are more outspoken with the racial jokes and terms .Racism is also affecting kids education. Schools today are not safe because of racial content. Kids are separating themselves based on their race. Violence starts to occur do to these types of behaviors. Not only are the students taking racism to the the next level but teachers are also. Some teachers base their attitude, remarks, and

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