Racism And Its Effects On Society Essay

1290 Words Dec 8th, 2016 6 Pages
If you were to question an individual from another country on what they assume about American’s, a common sentiment for many individuals is that we are an ignorant and often racist society; among other qualities such as being obese and lethargic. If you were to inquire my opinion on the matter, then I would not argue against any of those claims. As Americans, we are often compassionless to others, especially in regards to their cultures and this seems to happen innately for us. For most, we do not envision that our actions or habits would be interpreted as ignorance, but the point about offending another culture or individual in particular is that you cannot dictate to them that what you have done or said is not offensive because obviously it must have been in order to offend them in the first place. That’s the issue that lies within our society today. We are compassionless for the minority and we often do not care if we end up offending them because to us it wasn’t offensive or else we would have apologized or not have committed the act in the first place. This is evident concerning the issue of Native American mascots in the world of professional sports in America. In America, sports teams have adopted the Native American as an icon to represent their team brands, however, the sports teams have taken things too far. The sports team propagates the degradation of the Native American image and as a result, we equate the Native American to a fictitious image rather than the…

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