Essay on Racism And Discrimination Of Discrimination

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As a minority, there is one issue that stands above the rest: Racism and discrimination of minorities. Being mixed ethnicity, I have experienced firsthand the discrimination of bigoted individuals. I have witnessed how people treated my half black siblings versus their white mother. I have listened to my grandparent 's recount stories describing how they were made to feel inferior because they were “dirty Mexicans.” The cruel lessons racism and discrimination teach are everyday occurrences for a subset of Americans. Commonly, people focus on either racism or discrimination as racism is a manifestation of discrimination. However, focusing on both racism and discrimination allows for the explorations of race discrimination, gender discrimination, discrimination against sexual preferences, etc., engendering a conversation with greater breadth and depth. Furthermore, racism is possibly the most prevalent form of discrimination and requires a distinct status. With that said, the racism encountered in America today may not be the overt racism of the early to mid-1900s, but a more subtle form racism identified as institutionalized or systemic racism. Institutionalized racism is defined as,
Differential access to goods, services, and opportunities of society by race. Institutionalized racism is normative, sometimes legalized, and often manifest as inherited disadvantage. It is structural, having been codified in our institutions of custom, practice, and law, so there need not be an…

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