Racism And A Oppressed Group Based On Skin Color Essay

1145 Words Dec 13th, 2016 5 Pages
It is safe to say that racism in this country has not gone anywhere. All you need to do is open your facebook, twitter, instagram, or anything really that has access to the larger world, you could even just google who we, the United States elected for President, Mr. Donald Trump. This however isn’t a surprise we have had many racist Presidents of the United States Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Franklin Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, and that 's just to name a few (Kendi). Racism has always been a part of the United States agenda from day one and that has carried onto today. Just in case you have forgotten what racism is let 's define it. Racism is the systematic discrimination against or exclusion of a oppressed group based on skin color, hair texture, shape and size of a person 's attributes (such as lips or nose) (Hotep).
Racism is closely tied to the pyramid of hate. What is the pyramid of hate you ask? The pyramid of hate is a visual pyramid that shows biased behaviors and builds in complexity to the top. There are five levels to the pyramid the first level is bias which can be defined as stereotyping, belittling jokes, non-inclusive language, insensitive remarks, only accepting negative information about someone and only seeking out like minded people. The second level of the pyramid is prejudice, this can be defined as bullying, name calling, slurs, ridicule, social avoidance and dehumanization. We then have level three of the pyramid…

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