Art Education's Role In The Indian Mascot

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Racism American Style and Resistance to Change: Art Education’s Role in the Indian Mascot Issue
By: Elizabeth M. Delacruz According to Racism American Style and Resistance to Change: Art Education’s Role in the Indian Mascots by Elizabeth M. Delacruz says that the use of Indian Mascots it is not educational but rather discriminative. This affects the Native Americans, children, and even the community. Discrimination against people is used daily but it is how you use it that makes it effective. My position is that Native Americans should not be treated as mascots because this can affect the representation and education of children, misinterpretation towards natives Americans cultures, and not only that but the native Americans do not have
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It is very important for children to understand the cultural rather than to misunderstand it and grow up feeling ashamed for who they are. “Native youth suffer the most, having the highest teen suicide…” This emphasizes the issues going on with native American children and this should prove that we should stop this practice before it gets worse. These children who go to school daily are going to grow up thinking the worse from their cultural which can lead to children having low self-esteem. It is not the children’s fault that people discriminate Native Americans and use them as school mascots. Schools should educate these kids more on their cultural and know their real identity so that maybe one day in the future they can be the ones to stop this practice. I cannot imagine myself going to a white school and having people look at me with weird faces. I would probably get bullied and they would make me feel weak. They might even make fun of me for the way I look or the way I talk. Same issue is happening with the native Americans because they are not welcomed in some places and are thinking the worse of …show more content…
In order to make a difference, you need to speak up for who you are and make your voice stand out in the crowd even if you are the only one trying to make a change. How can you judge someone not knowing their full background behind it and pretend that you have the authority to make it seem like it is okay? Furthermore, in the article, “Four cases highlight controversies over using Indian mascots. Issues of voice…” This shows that their lack of voice is one of the problems they are facing because they cannot defend themselves. They are not seen as someone important so that is why people always put them aside. “The true affront comes, … , when their objections are met with indifference.” This proves that they do not really take into consideration these natives Americans. To avoid this issue, you first see the people around you and ask yourself if what you are doing is not going to harm anyone. These native Americans are humans and people should not show any less respect just for being who they are. Indians have different tribes and that is something that we all misunderstand because we judge them as a whole not knowing that they are all

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