Racism : A Black Man Runs Faster Than A White Man Essay examples

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The concept of racism has changed throughout the centuries. Racism used to consist of believing people of a different color are subhuman, now we believe a black man runs faster than a white man because of his race. Racism and prejudices transformed into stereotypes that are ingrained into our brains because of society and the people around us. The Unites States may not be at the position of Jim Crow laws like it was in the 1960s, but racism is still taking place. It is interweaved into the society so well it can almost go undetected. The easiest way to notice it is to take the implicit association test like I did. In the test it said word for word I have a “strong automatic preference for light skin compared to dark skin”. The article I read felt like it was written for me after I took the test, “So You Flunked A Racism Test. Now What?” (Singh 2015). It’s not like I want to be racist… the issue is how does a person unlearn the prejudices and stereotypes they have been taught since birth? Even for those who fight their inborn racism through the “black lives matter,” and “this is what a feminist looks like” shirts- most people trust men over women, white people over those of color, and straight over queer people (Singh 2015). Researchers have found this might be one of the reasons cops shot unarmed black men, but not white men; why employers hire white workers over the equally qualified black workers (Singh 2015). It’s likely even the researchers who try…

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