Racial Violence : South Carolina Essay

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South Carolina has played a singularly controversial role in the history of the United States. The Reconstruction Era and the decades that followed would feature an explosion of racial turmoil. That turmoil, however, surpassed the issue of race, and into the fragile area of gender. Consecutively southern women, black and white, emerged as influential leaders in the conflict. Women were active participants and advocates against racial inequity. Black women had historically been the easiest targets of racial violence, and although they remained victims of the, they also became its strongest opponents.
Citing the Without Mercy reading, the author explains how black woman fought hard to utilize their freedom after the war. They wanted to give meaning and substance to their new rights in to fully avail their resources and live a better life (“Without Mercy” pp. 123). Drawing from Shrill Hurrahs Women, Gender, and Racial Violence in South Carolina, she presents a new perspective on gender roles and racial violence in South Carolina during Reconstruction and the decades after. Nevertheless, it was mentioned that black women persevered the most even through all their cruel hardships. Black women asserted their rights as mothers, wives, and independent, free women in the postwar years (Cardyn pp. 699-704).
Freed women also attempted to expand the consequences of emancipation beyond the destruction of slavery (“In Their Own Way” pp. 187). In the times of the war, the soldiers…

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