Racial Stereotypes During The Roman Empire Essay

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Racial prejudices have been a part of European culture since the Roman Empire. It seems that no matter the era or location, the lighter skinned race has always take precedence over the darker skinned race. Native Americans, or the red skins as they were once called, were no exception to this racism. They were taken as slaves, tortured, and treated as if they were inhuman. This prejudge raged on for centuries in several forms. Sometimes the tribes would have their land stripped from them; sometimes they would have their homes burned; sometimes Indians would go missing, never to be found again. Native American Standing Elk once said, “. . . Whatever the white people say to us, wherever I go, we all say yes to them—yes, yes, yes. Whenever we don’t agree to anything that is said in council they give us the same reply, ‘You won’t get any food! You won’t get any food!’ (Brown, Fighting 97)” Eventually Native American hospitality ran dry, and the fight for freedom and equality began. These battles to preserve the Native American cultural identity can be described as cultural conflicts. These conflicts ran deep into the roots of the New World. There were battles over sacred land, religion, human rights, and many others that resulted in physical violence and often death. Native Americans have encountered countless cultural conflicts throughout history because the European settlers were unwilling to accept a culture different than their own. The differences between the Native…

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