Racial Stereotypes And Racial Discrimination Essays

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All across the world there are many challenges being faced by different individuals whether it is dealing with race, social class, gender, religion, etc. Particularly, race plays a part in almost every opposition faced by minorities. A minority is defined as a small group that is a part of a larger group. One racial minority would be the African Americans. As an African American I can say that one of the most common challenges we face is being stereotyped. A stereotype is an image that a person puts onto an entire group based off their opinions of one person. “After conducting a survey from those ranging younger than 18 to older than 25 years of age, 51 percent of Americans believe that stereotypes exist (Stereotypes Survey Statistics).” Stereotyping is something we do as humans and do not even realize how it can influence others’ lives and also the thinking of those around, especially when it comes to stereotyping racially. Racial stereotypes is when someone categorizes an entire race based off of their thoughts and what they have viewed someone of the same race do. “One of the most common stereotypes that we face is the belief that all African Americans can run fast (10 Unbelievable Myths about Black People).” Although this can be viewed as one of the most positive stereotypes, imagine the impact that it has on an African American that is not an athlete and would like to be as opposed to a natural born athlete. The purpose of my research is to distinguish the positive and…

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